2016.12.01 English

1 Sir Ralph Kohn
2 USA Election: Recount in 3 Battleground States and Global Uncertainty.
3 China Takes the Lead
4 Diabetes UK: 65 people die each day.
5 Let’s All Join the 150 Year Old Club
6 Brexit
7 UK Child Abuse Scandal
8 Japan News
9 Japanese Efficiency
10 Most Popular UK Surnames

1 Sir Ralph Kohn
Sir Ralph Kohn, eminent medical scientist, philanthropist and baritone singer, and a good friend of Sunstar, died peacefully after a short illness, days before his 89th birthday.

Sir Ralph’s family escaped the Nazis and came to England. At University he studied pharmacology and was awarded a PHD. He then worked with Nobel Prize winning scientists in Rome, New York and London, before setting up his own respected and successful drug testing business the ‘Advisory Service’. His company flourished and he received the Queen’s award for Export Achievement.

He married Zahava Kanarek, a survivor of the Nazi concentration camp Bergen-Belsen and had three children.

Sir Ralph was a polymath. He spoke fluent French, English, German, Italian and Yiddish, and he was also an accomplished musician. He trained with Beniamino Gigli in Rome, gave many performances at world renowned venues and recorded 16 CDs.

He was elected Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society in 2006 and Knighted by the Queen in 2010. In 2004 he was invited to be on the prestigious BBC radio programme Desert Island Disc, where famous people are asked to chose their all time favourite records.

Sir Ralph and the family had close links with Sunstar and with the Kanada family.
A representative of Sunstar attended the funeral and brought the condolences of Sunstar to Lady Zahava and her daughters.

I am including a YouTube video of a historical important lecture given by Lady Zahava and her daughter Hepzibah Rodofsky about her concentration camp experience.

Both the London Times and The Telegraph published extensive obituaries.
Wikipedia biography is included for your information.

2 USA Election: Recount in 3 Battleground States and Global Uncertainty.
A recount challenge in three battle-ground States (Pensilvania, Wisconsin and Michigan) gives a little hope to US progressives still reeling from Trump’s shock victory, but the omens are not good. Clinton would have to win in all three states to overturn the result. Meanwhile President elect Trump continues in the task of selecting the men and women who will be his advisors in the White House. With Republican majorities in both Congress and the Senate and Trump nominating right-wingers to the Supreme Court, there is little doubt that the regime which will be inaugurated by the billionaire property tycoon, now champion of the common people and scourge of the elites, will bring a big wind of change to the US political landscape. Commentators are drawing parallels between former PM Berlusconi, another tycoon, that got into power and Donald Trump. The Washington Post: Trump is America’s Berlusconi

Two major “Western Leaders” Japanese PM Shinzo Abe and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were at their most diplomatic in welcoming Trump’s success. PM Abe, no doubt concerned about TTP and the importance of strong links to the US in the face of Chinese territorial ambitions, was quick off the mark to New York to meet Trump. Both men said it was a friendly and open meeting, though both chose not to divulge the content of their discussion. Angela Merkel on the other had a very well crafted message in which she said: “Germany and America are bound by common values — democracy, freedom, as well as respect for the rule of law and the dignity of each and every person, regardless of their origin, skin colour, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or political views. It is based on these values that I wish to offer close cooperation, both with me personally and between our countries’ governments.”

However storm clouds are gathering over Europe. On December 4th Austria will hold the re-run of its Presidential Election. Last time Norbert Hofer, the populist far-right candidate of the “Freedom Party” was defeated by a whisker, but the vote was declared null because of an irregularity with the postal vote. Should he win in December it will be the first time since the war that a major European country is headed by a party of the far right. Meanwhile on the same day Italy will go to the polls to decide on the Constitutional Reforms proposed by their PM Matteo Renzi. Should the Referendum result go against him and he resigns as he has promised to do, Italy will be in crisis. This could be a boost for the anti-Euro Movimento 5 Stelle (5 Star Movement). The three main Italian opposition parties are against the Euro and should any of them attain power it is likely that they will try to take Italy out of the single currency. It is questionable if the Euro would survive.

Trump’s Election has been welcomed by the European Far Right parties. The UK’s Nigel Farage, was in the US giving support to Trump during the election and was photographed laughing with the President Elect in Trump Tower’s golden lift, but it is in France and the Netherlands were the next shocks could be felt. On March 17 the Dutch will go to the polls and the far right, anti EU and anti immigration politician Geert Wilders is just behind in the polls. Next will be the French Presidential Elections. Marine Le Pen, the leader of the nationalist, anti-EU and anti-immigration Front Nationale, was one of the first to congratulate Trump on his victory. The election is to be held on April 23 and should no candidate get over 50% of votes then a run-off will be held between to two frontrunners two weeks later. Commentators believe that she will be in the top two in the first round, but lose in the second round. After Brexit and Trump it is a brave person who will make a strong bet. Should Le Pen win, Europe will be in serious crisis. Can Marine Le Pen win?

3 China Takes the Lead

One of President Trump Elect first acts was to declare he will abandon the TPP agreement. This free trade deal between 12 Pacific region countries, and excluding China, was the mainstay of Obama’s Asian Pivot Policy. Attending the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) meeting in Peru, China was pushing their Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement (RCEP) which up to now had not included the Americas. Speaking in Peru a senior member of the Chinese delegation announced that Peru and Chile would now be joining. The APEC final communique stated that both TTP are the RCEP are both valid routes to promote free trade in the Pacific Rim. As the US seems to chose a more isolationist route, China seeks to take advantage.

4 Diabetes

65 people each day die because of complications due to diabetes. UK Diabetes, the national charity, stated that it is the biggest epidemic of our time. 4.5 million people suffer from Diabetes 1 and 2. The government and the national health service are beginning to recognise the importance of early detection and intervention.

5 Lets All Join the 150 Year Old Club?

Evidence now suggests that one of the major drivers of the ageing process is an accumulation of molecular and cellular damage throughout the body. Treat this, and there is a real possibility of banishing age-related illness and of humans reaching the age of 150. The accumulation of biological waste products that disrupt processes in cells seems to be one factor in the damage we call “ageing”.
Research has also found that telomeres, the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes, protect our DNA from becoming frayed. With time they become shorter and eventually become so short they stop working and the cell begins to malfunction in ways associated with disease and “ageing”.

Diet is a key factor is maintaining the health of our DNA. Japan and the Greek island of Ikaria are examples of places were people reach an older age. Some have emphasised superfoods, but experts are talking about combinations of foods. They believe contributing dietary factors on the Okinawan plate include regular eating of squid and octopus (high in cholesterol-reducing taurine), sweet potatoes (rich in flavonoids, carotenoids, vitamin E and lycopene) and a local bitter melon – called goya – that has been shown to reduce blood sugar in diabetics. This very interesting article in the UK Telegraph is well worth reading.

6 UK: Child Abuse Scandal Continues
Apart from the usual celebrity gossip, the big story, other than Brexit, continues to be about ‘child abuse’ perpetrated by men in authority: be they teachers, priests or TV personalities. The latest scandal is about a number of top footballers who have come out to say that they were abused by their sports coaches. The UK has been rocked by abuse scandals. A far reaching enquiry ordered by the Government has seen four of its Chairs resign because of disagreements. Even the BBC had to face up to the fact that the late Jimmy Savile, one of its biggest stars, a friend of Prime Ministers and celebrities, abused hundreds of children under their very noses.

7 Brexit
Parliament, both Commons and Lords, are now trying to understand the detail of the negotiations which will follow. Stage one will be the triggering of Article 50 and the “divorce”: negotiations between UK and EU.
For now the British economy seems to be withstanding the shock of Brexit. Unemployment is at an all-time low, growth higher than predicted and the stock market is doing well. However Sterling has fallen and prices are beginning to rise and the Government has accepted independent economic figures indicating that the country will need to borrow an extra £70 billion in the next 5 years. InFacts is a very good website produced by top UK journalists about different aspects of Brexit.

8 Japan News
Japan News is a most interesting BBC webpage drawing attention to news about Japan. This week they cover Tokyo getting its first November snow dusting in 54 years; the story the newsreader Mao Kobayashi who is writing a blog about her cancer experience; and an article about how the elderly people are encouraged to hand over their driving licences in exchange for good ramen.

9 Common Surnames in UNITED Kingdom

A new UK study has revealed that many surnames were associated with occupations such as Baker, Tanner or Smith (blacksmith), and others had to do with location for example Green, Hill or simply denoting a relationship such as Jackson or Johnson (son of). Interestingly there were 100,000 people in the UK with the Indian name Patel .

10 UK Astonished by Japanese Speed
The UK is notoriously slow at approving infrastructure projects. The British side of Eurostar was modernised only 10 years after the official opening, and the government is still discussing building a third runway at Heathrow Airport. In fact the last runway built in the UK was some 60 years ago and discussion about a third runway at Heathrow started in 1978 and is still ongoing.

Same goes for the construction of a High Speed train (HS2) linking London to Scotland. The decision has now been taken, although the line will be built in stages and the route is still not defined . Opposition is huge. Landowners don’t want to sell, villagers that don’t want the line near them (NIMBIES: Not In My Back Yard), and townspeople don’t want the train to go near their shops.

So examples of Japanese efficiency are always welcome. The London Guardian was astonished that only one week after the Fukuoka Sink Hole had appeared, with the usual Japanese efficiency, the road had been repaired and the re-opened to the public.
Fukuoka Sink Hole: The Guardian


2016.12.01 Press Digest Japanese


サンスター ジャパン フォーカス プレス ダイジェスト

1 ラルフ・コーン(Ralph Kohn)卿
2 アメリカ大統領選挙:激戦3州での票の再集計と世界的な不安定感
3 中国主導の枠組み
4 糖尿病
5 150歳クラブに皆で加入しよう!?
6 イギリスで児童虐待スキャンダルが続く
7 ブレグジット
8 ジャパン・ニュース
9 日本人のスピードにイギリスが驚く
10 英国によくある名字

ジァンピエロ・アルハデフ(Giampi Alhadeff)
1 ラルフ・コーン(Ralph Kohn)卿


私生活ではナチのベルゲン・ベルゼン強制収容所を生き延びたザハヴァ・カナレク(Zahava Kanarek)と結婚し、3人の子どもに恵まれました。





ザハヴァ夫人と娘のヘプシバ・ロドフスキー(Hepzibah Rodofsky)さんが強制収容所での体験を語った歴史的に重要な講演のYouTube動画を添付しています。

2 アメリカ大統領選挙:激戦3州での票の再集計と世界的な不安定感
3つの激戦州 (ペンシルベニア、ウィスコンシン、ミシガン) の票の再集計の試みがトランプ氏の衝撃的な勝利に未だ動揺中のアメリカの反保守派にわずかな希望を与えていますが、良い兆しが見えているとは言えません。クリントン氏が結果を覆すためには3州全てで勝利する必要があります。一方、次期大統領のトランプ氏はホワイトハウスで補佐官を務める男性、女性の候補者を選定する作業を進めています。議会と上院の両方では共和党が多数を占める一方で、トランプ氏は最高裁判所の判事に右派を指名しています。こうした状況下で、億万長者の不動産王でありながら、今では普通の人々から支持されエリートを激しく攻撃してきたトランプ氏が大統領に就任してアメリカの政治的展望に大きな変化の風を起こせるのか疑問も投げかけられています。評論家達は、大実業家でありながら政権を取ったベルルスコーニ元首相を引き合いに出してトランプ氏との共通点を指摘しています。ワシントンポスト紙:トランプはアメリカ版ベルルスコーニ
二大主要国の「西側の指導者」である日本の安倍晋三首相とドイツのアンゲラ・メルケル党首は、トランプ大統領誕生を歓迎する外交姿勢を示しました。環太平洋連携協定 (TPP) 発効の行方や中国の領土拡張姿勢を睨んでアメリカとの同盟強化を念頭に置く安倍首相は、トランプ氏と会談するため急遽ニューヨークを訪れました。両者とも、友好的で率直な会談だったと述べていますが協議内容までは明らかにしていません。一方、メルケル党首は秀逸なメッセージを送りました。その中で、『ドイツとアメリカは、出自、肌の色、宗教、性別、性的指向や政治的見解のいかんを問わず、民主主義、自由、法の尊重、人類の尊厳の尊重という価値で結びついている。これらの価値にもとづいて、私は次期アメリカ大統領に個人的な、そして国家としての2国間の緊密な協力関係を申し出たい。』と述べています。


トランプ氏の当選はヨーロッパの右派政党から歓迎を受けています。イギリスのナイジェル・ファラージ氏はこの選挙中にアメリカに滞在しトランプ氏を支援しました。トランプタワーの金色のエレベーターに乗って次期大統領と撮った笑顔の写真が印象的です。しかし、フランスとオランダでも衝撃的な結果が出るかもしれません。3月17日、オランダでは国民投票が行われますが、極右の反EU、反移民政策を掲げる政治家ヘルト・ウィルダース氏がわずかな差で追い上げています。次に来るのがフランスの大統領選挙です。国家主義者の指導者であり、反EU、移民反対を唱える国民戦線のマリーヌ・ル・ペン氏は、トランプ氏勝利を真っ先に祝福した一人でした。4月23日に行われる総選挙で50%を獲得した候補者がいなければ、2週間後に最有力候補2名の間で決選投票が行われます。評論家は第1回投票でル・ペン氏は2人のうちに入ると見ていますが、2回目の決選投票では破れると予想しています。ブレグジットとトランプ現象の後、こうした予測はもはや容易ではありません。ル・ペン氏が勝てば、ヨーロッパは深刻な危機に陥るのでしょうか? マリーヌ・ル・ペンに勝目はあるか?

3 中国主導の枠組み
次期大統領のトランプ氏が最初にとった行動の一つはTPP離脱を表明することでした。中国を除くこの環太平洋12ヶ国間の自由貿易協定はオバマ大統領がアジア中枢政策の要として進めてきたものです。ペルーで行われたアジア太平洋経済協力会議 (APEC) に参加した中国は東アジア地域包括的経済連携 (RCEP) を推し進めていますが、これまでのところRCEPに南北アメリカは含まれていません。中国代表団の主要メンバーはペルーでの会見で、今後ペルーとチリが参加すると発表しました。APECの最終コミュニケでは、TPPとRCEPともに、環太平洋地域での自由貿易の促進に有効であるという声明が出されました。アメリカが孤立主義よりの道を選択する傾向をみせる現在、中国が優位に立つ方法を探っています。
4 糖尿病
糖尿病による合併症で毎日65人が亡くなっています。 国のチャリティ団体であるUK Diabetesは、糖尿病は現代における最大の疾病であると述べました。1型および2型糖尿病に苦しむ人々は450万人にも上ります。政府と国営医療制度は早期発見と介入の重要性を認識し始めています。
5 150歳クラブに皆で加入しよう!?


食事はDNAの健康を保つ大切な要素です。日本とギリシャのイカリア島は長寿で知られています。スーパーフードの効用を唱える人もいますが、専門家は食物の組み合わせにあると言います。なかでも、沖縄の料理が健康に良い要因としてイカとタコ(コレステロールを減らすタウリンを多く含む)、サツマイモ (フラボノイド、カロチノイド、ビタミンE、リコピンが豊富) 、そして地元野菜の苦瓜 (ゴーヤと呼ばれる) を食べる習慣をあげています。このゴーヤは糖尿病患者の血糖値を下げる効果が示されました。この大変興味深い記事は、UK テレグラフ紙 で一読する価値があります.

6 イギリスで児童虐待スキャンダルが続く
7 ブレグジット

しかしながら、ポンドが下落し物価は上がり始めており、英政府は今後5年間で国の借金を700億ポンド増やす必要がある ことを示唆する独立経済指標を受入れました。イギリスのジャーナリストが設立したウェブサイトInFactsは大変優れた内容 で、ブレグジットを異なる側面から解説しています。

8 ジャパン・ニュース
Japan News は、日本に関するニュースを取り上げた非常に興味深いBBCのウェブサイトです。今週は、54年ぶりに11月に東京で降雪、ニュースキャスター小林麻央がブログで自身のガン闘病記をつづる 、そして高齢ドライバーにラーメンと引き換えに免許返納を推奨 という各記事が掲載されました。
9 日本人のスピードにイギリスが驚く

ロンドンとスコットランドを結ぶ予定の高速鉄道 (HS2) の建設も同様で、決定はされましたが路線の建設は段階的に行われルートは未だに確定していません。これには激しい反対もあります。土地所有者は売却を拒み、村の住人は自宅近くに線路が通ることを嫌がっています (「NIMBIES (ノット・イン・マイ・バックヤード)」と呼ばれる) 。さらに、街では商店の近くに電車が走ることを拒否する人々がいます。


福岡の道路陥没: ガーディアン紙

イギリスで最近行われた調査で、多くの名字がベイカー、タナー、スミス (ブラックスミス) など職業に関連するもの、またその他の名字にはグリーン、ヒルなどの場所に関連したものやジャクソンやジョンソン (~の息子) など単に関係性を表したものがあることが分かりました。面白いのはイギリスにはインドの名前であるパテルを持つ人が10万人 もいたことです.

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SUNSTAR Japan Focus, November 2016 No 7

This is the monthly Japan edition of Global news, giving greater emphasis on news about Japan. As of next month we hope to be able to have past editions available on our website to make it easier for you to refer back.
Thank you also to the many of you who have sent me comments and feedback. This has been most helpful.

With my best wishes

Giampi Alhadeff

In this week’s digest
1 Trump Defies the Polls to Become 45th USA President
2 Japan Reacts to Donald trump’s Victory
3 Brexit gets messy
4 Aung San Suu Kyi in Japan
5 Philippino President Duterte in Tokyo Talk
6 Ireland’s President Michael D Higgins in Vietnam
7 Ramen Chain Yamagoya Opens Restaurant in London
8 Japan to Conduct Unprecedented Racism Survey
9 So the Mexicans do not work harder than the Japanese?
10 Japan News in the UK in Brief


1 Trump Defies the Polls to Become USA 45th President.

Donald Trump has defied all predictions by beating Hillary Clinton to become the USA’s 45th President. Opinion polls and exit polls got the shock result very wrong. Trump pulled off, in his own words, “BrexitX10”. After a most acrimonious campaign, which plumbed new depths in dirty politics and in spite of the various scandals and gaffes which beset him Trump won the Electoral College vote, though Clinton was just ahead in the popular vote. It is too early to tell what this upset will mean for global peace, stability and prosperity, but the signs are not good. BBC Report on the Election Result.

Two articles well worth reading in the Financial Times. Donald Trump’s Victory Challenges the Western Democratic Model Please google Trump victory challenges Western Democratic Model.
Also worth reading 7 Trump Policies that Could Change the US. Once again please Google the title of the article.
2 Japan Reacts to Trump’s Victory

During his campaign, Donald Trump painted Japan as a trade rival to the United States, called the Japan-U.S. security treaty unfair and expressed opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement, which Prime Minister Abe has pushed to ratify as soon as possible.

Shortly before Trump declared victory, the Japanese government’s top spokesman said Tokyo would continue to work to bring the TPP into force. Japan, the United States and 10 other Pacific Rim nations agreed the deal in February but are yet to ratify it. PM Shinzo Abe then sent a message of congratulations to Donald Trump stressing the importance of the links between the two countries. Shinzo Abe’s Statement in full.


3 Brexit Gets Messy

It started with a simple truth that without any certainty regarding the trading relationship between the UK and the EU. Nissan, now the UK’s largest car manufacturer (488K cars 55% going to the EU) was not going to build the new Qashqai car in one of the UK’s poorest regions. The UK government gave assurances that Nissan would not be disadvantaged by Brexit. Other manufacturers are now asking for similar terms. What is at stake is unfettered access to Europe’s Single Market. No customs, no barriers and no tariffs. Without it UK exports will suffer. Why Brexit is so Important to Nissan.

Theresa May had hidden behind the motto “Brexit means Brexit” and saying that she would not disclose her negotiating hand or give a running commentary on the negotiations. Parliament was not having it and before long the Government agreed that they would allow it to scrutinise the Brexit deal and to vote on it. Then a legal case brought by ordinary citizens went to the UK’s High Court that ruled that Parliament would have to vote on the start of negotiations with the EU. The Government has challenged the ruling and the UK’s Supreme Court is due to give its verdict in early December. It is all looking a lot less straightforward than on June 24th. Many of the UK’s newspapers reacted to the Judges’ decision with fury, with one paper, The Daily Mail headlining the judges as the “enemies of the people.” Guardian on Reactions to the High court Ruling.


4 Aung San Suu Kyi the Myamar Leader in Japan

Aung San Suu Kyi arrived in Japan on Tuesday to court investment and aid, as an upsurge in violence against a persecuted Muslim minority at home posed the worst crisis of her six months in power and brought U.S. criticism.

Myanmar needs Japanese investment and robust bilateral ties as a counterweight to China, its largest trading partner. Japan, for its part, is eager to seek opportunities in meeting Myanmar’s extensive infrastructure and development needs, a Japanese foreign ministry official told reporters.

Nearly 50 years of economic mismanagement by the military dictatorship has left the country’s roads, airports and electricity supply shattered. Japan never imposed trade and financial sanctions against the country. As a result, Japan already has a significant presence, centred around the Japan-led Thilawa Special Economic Zone.

In the fiscal year ending in March 2015, Japanese direct investment in Myanmar totalled $86 million, according to the Foreign Ministry. Exports from Myanmar were worth $513 million, mainly clothing and agricultural products, while Myanmar imports from Japan were worth $1.3 billion, largely cars and machinery. Reuters report of the visit.


5 Philippino President Duterte in Tokyo

Rodrigo’s Duterte, the Philippines shoot-from-the-hip President who was upsetting the US by cozying up to China, was at it again upon arrival in Tokyo. Before meeting PM Shinzo Abe he told a meeting of business men that he intended to get rid of US troops from his country within two years. His tone somewhat softened after meeting PM Shinzo Abe, who must have impressed on him the importance of keeping Chinese territorial ambitions in the South China Seas in check. NY Times Report on the Visit.


6 Ireland’s President Michael D Higgins in Vietnam

Ireland’s President Michael D Higgins has expressed strong support for a peaceful solution using international law to growing tensions in the South China Sea. Vietnam and China are in dispute over the resources-rich area known as the Paracels archipelago. The area is a great cause of tension between China and its neighbours. The Irish Times.


7 Ramen Chain Yamagoya Opens in London

The famous Kyushu ramen chain Yamagoya, founded in Fukuoka in 1969, has opened a restaurant in London’s Shaftesbury Avenue, just off China Town. The restaurant will be serving its signature dish of handmade noodles in tonkotsu broth, pork belly, marinated bamboo shoots, nori seaweed and egg. Japanese food has become one of the most popular cuisines in the UK capital. Evening Standard.


8 Japan to Conduct Unprecedented Racism Survey

Japan is to ask thousands of foreigners about their encounters with racism as the country adapts to a record number of non-Japanese residents and tourists.

In an unprecedented survey, the justice ministry will ask 18,500 foreign residents aged over 17 to describe their experiences of being discriminated against in the workplace or in their free time, and how they would like the government to respond, the Asahi Shimbun newspaper reported. They will also be asked if they have witnessed racist incidents.

The number of foreign residents in Japan stands at about 2.3 million – or 2% of the population – and a record 20 million foreign tourists have visited the country so far this year.

International pressure on Japan to take racism more seriously has grown amid a rise in reports of hate speech in the past three years, mostly targeting members of its large ethnic Korean population. The Guardian.


9 So the Mexicans do not work harder than the Japanese?

Many thanks to Nagayuki Miyabayashi-san, from Sunstar Etoy, who sent me a most useful comment on my report of the OECD findings showing that Mexicans work more than the Japanese. He tells me that the problem is that the OECD statistics include part-time workers and that this has a huge impact on their statistics.

Part-time workers (mainly women) and the decrease of average working hours among part-timers is hugely impacting on the data. The figures are also affected by variations in retirement age, length of time in study, and public holidays. When all this is taken into account Japanese men have the longest daily working time of the OECD countries.


10 Japan News In the UK in Brief

1 The Financial Times has the best coverage of serious news about Japan, however other papers cover some of the lighter stories. This week the Fukuoka sink hole received coverage in most UK media. BBC on Fukuoka Sink Hole.

2 Another story concerns Neko Atsume cat collecting phone game is being made into a live-action movie. Film version of wildly popular and notoriously addictive ‘kitty collector’ app will star Japanese actor Atsushi Ito. Neko the Cat

3 The popular girl band Keyakizaka46 performed in outfits that have similarities with uniforms of Waffen-SS officers. This sparked outrage condemnations. The band’s producer issued an apology as did Sony the group’s label. Keyakizaka46

SUNSTAR Japan Focus、2016年11月


Giampi Alhadeff(編集者)

1   予想を覆し、トランプ氏が第45代アメリカ大統領へ

2   ドナルド・トランプの勝利に日本が反応

3   大混乱する英国EU離脱問題

4   アウン・サン・スー・チー来日

5   フィリピン大統領ドゥテルテ東京講演

6   アイルランド大統領マイケル・D・ヒギンズ、ベトナム訪問

7  ラーメン店「山小屋」 がロンドン進出

8   日本で始めて全国差別調査実施へ

9   日本人とメキシコ人、より働いているのは

10 日本ニュースの英国報道




ヒラリー・クリントン氏を下し、ドナルド・トランプ氏が予想を覆してアメリカの45代目大統領の座を勝ち取り、世論調査、投票場出口調査に反する驚くべき結果となった。「英国EU離脱の10倍」と発言したトランプ氏。全米得票数ではクリントン氏がわずかに勝ったものの、辛辣な大統領選挙戦と複数のスキャンダルや失態にも関わらずトランプ氏が獲得選挙人数で逆転となった。この後の世界の平和、安定と経済繁栄にどのような影響が齎されるのか見通しがつかない中、不安が広がる。BBC 大統領選結果レポート 

読み応えがあるファイナンシャル・タイムズ紙の記事:Trump victory challenges Western Democratic Model と7 Trump Policies that Could Change the US (グーグルで検索して下さい)Two articles well worth reading in the Financial Times. Donald Trump’s Victory Challenges the Western Democratic Model Please google Trump victory challenges Western Democratic Model. Also worth reading 7 Trump Policies that Could Change the US. Once again please Google the title of the article.


2   ドナルド・トランプの勝利に日本が反応



3  大混乱する英国EU離脱問題




4   アウン・サン・スー・チー来日


5   フィリピン大統領ドゥテルテ東京講演



6   アイルランド大統領マイケル・D・ヒギンズ、ベトナム訪問

アイルランドのマイケル・D・ヒギンズ大統領は、南シナ海で高まる緊張に対し、平和的な解決策として国際法を用いる事に強い支持を表明した。ベトナムと中国の間では豊富な資源の地域として知られている西沙諸島を巡って論争が続いており、この地域は中国と隣接している国々の間で揉める原因となっている。 アイルランドタイムズ紙 


7   ラーメン店「山小屋」 がロンドン進出



8  日本で始めて全国差別調査実施へ



9  日本人とメキシコ人、より働いているのは
OECDの調査報告書の最も有益なコメント、Nagayuki Miyabayashiさんによるとメキシコ人がなんと日本人以上に働いているとの事が判明した。OECDデータにはパートタイム労働者(主に女性)が含まれており、その他にもパートタイマーの平均勤務時間も短くなってきてているため、データに大きな影響を与えている。この数値は退職年齢、学歴期間、祝日によっても変動し、これをすべて考慮すると、日本男性がOECD諸国内での勤務時間が最長となる。

10 日本ニュースの英国報道

1. フィナンシャル・タイムズ紙は日本に関連する主なニュースを最も多く取り扱っているが、軽い話題は他の新聞社でも報道されており、今週の福岡の道路陥没事故は殆どの英国メディアで取り扱われた。福岡沈没事故、BBC